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Introducing tools to download private Instagram videos

Welcome to IGDown (tool to download private Instagram videos), we ensure privacy is a top priority. With the ability to download videos from private Instagram accounts, this tool is a reliable companion, helping you preserve and share special moments without violating others' privacy.

Built on a professional development team and trusted by the community, our private Instagram video downloader not only provides the best experience but is also committed to stability and safety for all users. Explore the IGDown (private Instagram video download) tool today to experience the speed and safety of enjoying content from private accounts on Instagram!

Instructions for downloading private Instagram using the IGDown tool

You think that downloading something from private Instagram is very complicated and difficult. With the IGDown tool here, downloading private Instagram videos is extremely easy. Here are a few simple steps to download private Instagram videos.

  • Visit on your device (Sign-in required to view private posts).
  • Find the private post, click the share icon or three-dot icon and select 'Copy link'.
    Private Instagram Downloader 1
  • Access private Instagram downloader on IGDown ( Paste the private post link into input box number 1 on IGDown.
    Private Instagram Downloader 2
  • Copy the link in input box number 2, click the "Copy" button (Only you have access to it).
    Private Instagram Downloader 3
  • In the same browser, open a new tab and access the link you just copied in input box number 2 to get the post's data.
    Private Instagram Downloader 4
  • Highlight all the data, then right-click and select 'Copy'.
    Private Instagram Downloader 5

    On Android, press and hold anywhere on the page. After a few seconds a list of options will appear, press "Select all" to highlight all post data. Then continue to select "Copy" to save the data to the clipboard.

    Private Instagram Downloader 6
  • Go back to the IGDown Tab (Private Instagram Downloader) and paste all the copied post's data into input box number 3 and press the "Send Data" button.
    Private Instagram Downloader 7
  • Wait a few seconds for us to extract private photo or video from your data. You can then download them to your device.

IGDown Q&A

How to download videos from a private Instagram account?

To download videos from a private account, you need to copy the video link from that account and paste it into the private Instagram video download tool. You can then choose the quality and start the download process.

Is there any way to ensure safety and security when using tools to download private Instagram videos?

To ensure safety and security, use the IGDown tool (private Instagram video download). We commit not to collect any user data nor save download history. Therefore, IGDown is a very safe and completely secure tool to use.

How to determine if a video downloader supports downloading videos from private Instagram accounts?

IGDown is the leading tool to download private Instagram videos that is trusted by everyone.